Airwork Lifting & Sling Loading

Airwork Lifting:

At Outback Aviation, we specialise in Airwork Lifting, also known as aerial crane operations. With our fleet of helicopters equipped with state-of-the-art lifting equipment, we have the expertise and resources to handle your heavy lifting needs. Whether it’s transporting construction materials, equipment, or other oversized loads, our skilled pilots and precise coordination ensure safe and efficient operations. With the ability to access remote and challenging locations, we provide customised solutions for industries such as construction, mining, and emergency response.

Trust Outback Aviation for all your Airwork Lifting requirements and experience the reliability and precision that sets us apart.

Sling Loading:

Outback Aviation is your trusted partner for Sling Loading services. With our specialised sling and harness systems, we can securely suspend and transport a wide range of loads using our helicopters’ external cargo hooks. Our experienced pilots and meticulous attention to safety ensure that your cargo is transported with precision and care. Whether it’s remote construction projects, firefighting efforts, or logging operations, our Sling Loading services offer flexibility and versatility for transporting loads of various shapes, sizes, and weights.

Count on Outback Aviation to deliver efficient and reliable Sling Loading solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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Mining & Exploration Operations

Australia resource companies conduct mining and exploration projects in remote and demanding locations across Australia.
These companies have significant access challenges to overcome including problems of terrain, time, weather and possibly environmental issues.
Outback Aviation Logistics specialises in operating in remote areas in the support of the resource sector.

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Aerial Filming & Photography

  1. If you are looking for a helicopter company to provide aerial film and photography, then look no further. Outback Aviation Logistics staff are highly experienced in all aspects of media operations.
  2. Vision from a helicopter provides a quality of imagery and camera angles that cannot be achieved any other way. Drones are often not suitable due to restrictions on flying over built-up areas, inability to carry larger cameras and quality lenses, and restrictions on flying height.
  3. With unique external load capabilities, our helicopters can transport just about anything. Whether you need materials brought into a remote mining exploration lease or a commercial air conditioner placed on top of a building, our helicopters and experienced staff at Outback Aviation logistics have what it takes to get what you need, where you need it.
  4. Helicopters are an ideal way to overcome logistical issues such as coordination of resources, site access, and time constraints. Jobs that would normally take days to a week to complete can now be completed within a few hours using a helicopter.
  5. Every external load operation is unique, so we take the time to assess each task requirement and determine the best technique that will accomplish the job safely. Our company is Part 138 certified, and our pilots are trained to perform Class B and Class D helicopter external load operations.
  6. Here are some examples of external load operation services we provide:
  7. Aerial Construction Support: Utilising a helicopter eliminates the setup and tear down costs of employing a conventional crane. From commercial air conditioners to steel columns and light poles, our heavy lifting capabilities allow for a high degree of stability and accurate placement.
  8. Aircraft Recovery: Our helicopters and advanced equipment allow us to access remote areas to salvage downed aircrafts. We have been contracted by government agencies or insurance companies to locate the aircraft and export it with ease and precision.

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Helicopter Training 

CPL level training with a focus on the country aviator with a practical application to the station and farming environment.

A Commercial Pilots Licence is a licence that will allow you to fly professionally, for reward.

  • Must complete a 105-hour flying course (minimum)
  • Must complete and pass seven theoretical exams.
  • Must complete and pass one flight exam.
  • It is possible to include training towards a Low-Level Rating and a Sling Endorsement in the 105 hours, to get more value for money spent.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must hold a class 1 Aviation Medical

A Low-Level Rating is an operational necessity in the rural and remote areas. It allows you to conduct flight below the legal limits when operationally required. (See CAR 157 for details). Our course is a 5 hour (minimum) flying course followed by a flight test. A low-level rating will be issued for the helicopter category. We also concentrate in getting you endorsed with a Mustering endorsement to round out your Ag/Rural training package.

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Air Crane Operations

Without question, one of the greatest capabilities of helicopters is their ability to move things around quickly, efficiently, and safely when there simply is no other option.

Outback Aviation   extensive experience in aerial crane operations. We can provide the following for your next sling job:

  • Lift capabilities of 1600kg.
  • Ground support personnel with rigging qualifications
  • Certified lifting equipment with a wide range of capabilities
  • Long line capabilities of 50ft to 200ft
  • 4×4 cargo webbed net

If you would like more information or a quote for your next sling job, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Utilising a helicopter as an Aerial Crane provides the benefit of fast and efficient placement of equipment into otherwise inaccessible sites.

Whether it be transporting an air-conditioning unit to the top of an inner-city building, or shifting drill rigs to inaccessible mine sites, Fleet Helicopters has the equipment and expertise to meet your requirements. All Outback Aviation’s lifting and rigging equipment is under a Strick scheduled tested regime according to Australian Standards and in company with BULLIVANT our preferred supplier of all lifting equipment. Our aircraft are installed with load cells to ensure all lifts are conducted safely within aircraft manufacturers limitations.

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Mobile Fuel Supply

Fuel Supply, Into Aircraft Operations delivery & Logistical support to hard to get to places and or customer locations. Outback Aviation fuel supply & into aircraft refuelling supply to remote locations throughout Western Australia. Drummed Product: Avgas and Jet A1 drummed product supply on request.

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Aerial Dispatching

Outback Aviation Logistics provides services to, to government, commercial and private clients located across Western Australia.

To provide first class aerial incendiary services. We have a fleet of 3 helicopters – including our Bell 204, Robinson R44 and AS350 – which are all regarded for the performances that re all unique with specialist characteristics within their specific operational rolls and requirements. Our team are available to deploy at very short notice, in response to emergency or situational need.

Based in the Southwest of Western Australia our helicopters can carry anywhere from 1 to 6 passengers, and we can assist with fire hazard reduction burns, back burning, patrolling and more. For more information on our Outback Aviation Logistics for your “Burn Solution”.

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Aerial Mustering

Outback Aviation Logistics is a specialist aerial mustering operator in Northern Goldfields of Western Australia providing professional, efficient, safe mustering services and support to the pastoral industry.

Aerial mustering is one of Outback Aviation Logistics’ area of expertise and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a high-quality and efficient mustering service to our clients every time. Our team of skilled people are practical and capable stockmen, with extensive cattle handling experience both on the ground and in the air with a thorough understanding of Goldfield and Pilbara operations.

Outback Aviation Logistics’ mustering fleet consists of Robinson R22 Beta and Beta II helicopters which are well suited to and extensively used across Western Australia for aerial mustering.

At Outback Aviation we strive to seek and engage the very best Cattle people in our industry, whom have a strong passion for the cattle industry.

We provide efficient and effective “SOFT HAND” cattle management solutions for our customers.

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Avionics & Engineering

Outback Aviation Logistics can offer a wide range of services and support through our partnership with key industry suppliers and training providers. With our continuously growing Aviation family connections, we put you in good hands for all your aircraft needs, these services and capabilities include:

  • Helicopter and fixed wing
  • Single and multi-engine aircraft
  • Licensed Engineers – Airframe, Engine, Electrical, Instrument and Radio
  • Paint Shop
  • Sheet metal shop
  • Composites
  • Component overhaul workshop
  • Piston and turbine engines – Rolls Royce, Pratt and Whitney, Turbomeca and Lycoming.

Outback Aviation Logistics THROUGH ITS “Family group “maintains a large supply of spare parts for Robinson, Bell and Eurocopter on site which minimises aircraft downtime for our operations and for your aircraft. Spare parts can be ordered through Outback Aviation Logistics, where our logistics team will expedite your supply requirements.

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