About Us

About Us


Darren Rowtcliff is a helicopter enthusiast with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He loves flying them, restoring them and talking about helicopters – but his favourite thing to do is share the beauty of West Australia from the air in an Agusta Bell 205 warbird.

He’s not afraid to tackle difficult or dangerous jobs himself and he always has time for those who are interested in these magnificent machines.


Christine, who prefers going by Chrissy, is currently employed with Outback Aviation Logistics. Their role includes Administrative duties, liasing with commercial and public clients, providing excellent customer service and management across all areas.

Chrissy’s goal is to bring customer satisfaction and to be a pillar of support to Outback Aviation’s functions and services, making it easier for all those who interact with them.


Kevin has worked in aviation most of his life in a variety of roles. This includes freight and logistics for major airlines, ramp services, customer service, aeromedical operations, helitak (bushfire aerial support) and tourism, all having a strong focus on communication and safety.


Ian is 66 years old. He served in RAAF for 9 and a half years. He started flying in 1975 and has since flown over 12,000 hours on a wide variety of aircraft types including single engine, multi engine and jets. Many of which are as an instructor and for a regional airline.