How often do you fly?

Flights will be on weekends and bookings are essential. All flights require a minimum of 5 people


Can I book a flight for one?

Yes, you can, though it will impact on the price you pay. The aircraft needs to generate income that covers the “Operating costs” and that typically is spread over the “5 Seat minimum”


How many passengers can you accommodate?

10 people typically is the MAX number we will load into the helicopter, no different to any other aircraft we are limited to the “Take off weight” and seat load limits.


What happens if the weather is bad on the day?

The weather in the Southwest it typically predictable, Refunds will be offered, or credits offered if a flight can’t take place.


What happens if I’m late for my booking?

Call ahead if this happens and arrangements will be made, the deposit will be forfeited, and arrangements can be negotiated case by case.


Can I book a custom/charter flight?

Custom flights are on the agenda, all we need is an idea and a destination, we can make it happen.


Where can you fly/land?

Depending on the type of flight and the right approvals and landing areas we can get to most places that will accommodate the helicopter, weight loadings, weather, air ways clearances and other authorities’ approvals are needed for most operations